The Dish on PostingsK9

PostingsK9 is based out of Annan, Ontario (Meaford) and specializes in force-free, positive reinforcement dog training. This gentle style of dog training focuses on growing and nurturing the bond that pet owners have with their canine companions, creating trust between owner and dog that is proven to be the most effective, long-term training technique. Using markers and rewards, Nathan Postings helps pet owners to develop the skills they need to properly and effectively communicate with their dog so that their furry friend can become the best version of themselves. PostingsK9 also services the Thornbury, Collingwood, Owen Sound, Wasaga Beach, and The Blue Mountains areas.

Why Choose PostingsK9?

We do not use forceful or fear-based training techniques. We believe that dogs have the natural desire to please and that by developing a positive relationship, the trust built between owner and canine is the foundation for effective training, and results in a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both.

Positive reinforcement dog training allows the trainer to communicate clearly with the dog so that they understand exactly what is expected of them. Then, they are rewarded for choosing the correct action. Rewards can consist of tiny treats, but can also be praise and attention. This increases your dog’s eagerness to please, as it makes them happy when they succeed.

Forceful dog training techniques use fear to teach dogs that there are negative repercussions for not following commands. At PostingsK9, we believe that this style of training has a negative impact on the human-canine bond and that dogs can never fully flourish when they live with the fear of making mistakes.

PostingsK9 is committed to helping you grow your bond with your dog and learn how to effectively communicate, for a positive long-term relationship with man’s best friend!

The Tail of PostingsK9

Nathan Postings is owner and operator of PostingsK9, founded in 2019. Nathan specializes in force-free, positive reinforcement dog training. He began his career as a dog walker, and over time more of his clients were inquiring about training. Nathan had a great deal of experience training his own dogs over the years and learning from other trainers, and decided to get more involved in the dog training community.

Over the course of a year, he spent countless hours researching, practicing, and experimenting with training techniques. He networked with the best trainers in the area to learn the ins-and-outs of dog training. This eventually led Nathan to adopt a force-free, positive reinforcement training style. He believes this to be the best, most rewarding, and most effective long-term dog training method. The PostingsK9 team is deeply passionate about animals and their bond with humans, especially man’s best friend!